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18 February 2021 - 11:00am GMT 

Adjudication and Dispute Boards

The Pros and Cons of Adjudication and Debunking Misconceptions about Dispute Boards

Ann Russo

Ann Russo is Executive Director of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation, a non-profit association dedicated to the use of Dispute Boards worldwide. She is co-editor of the Dispute Board Manual: A Guide to Best Practices and Procedures, and editor of the DRBF’s quarterly journal, The Forum. She received the President’s Distinguished Service Award from the DRBF in 2005.

Giorgiana Tecuci
SCPA Tecuci-Paltineanu &

Giorgiana Tecuci is an international lawyer, with over 20 year experience in construction law and procurement. She is actively involved in FIDIC contracts, with particular emphasis on dispute resolution in both the public and private sectors. As an adjudicator, arbitrator and trainer, Giorgiana regularly contributes to the organisation and running of both FIDIC related activities and those of DRBF, where she is a board member for Region 2, representing Europe, and DRBF Romanian Representative. 


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