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On behalf of The Law Society, Bill Barton will be giving a webinar on the impact of construction law on commercial property.  Bill will discuss the most common problems in construction law and provide you with practical tips and advice on what to do when you are faced with them.  

Date: Wednesday, 12 February 2020 [NB: date changed from Tuesday, 4 February 2020]

The webinar will cover:
• re-cap on standard construction documents that should be used in commercial property transactions,
• ten common problems including:
1. limitation period,
2. inconsistent documents,
3. net contribution,
4. aggregate insurance,
5. adjudication,
6. standard definitions,
7. duty of care,
8. obligations vs. actions,
9. relationship between warranties and head contract,
10. notices.

By attending this webinar, you will gain:
• an understanding of construction documents,
• knowledge of construction terminology,
• insight as to potential problems,
• advice as to what to do when facing challenges.

For further information and to register your place: