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'I was recommended to Barton Legal for their services in building contracts.  From the outset, I have been very satisfied with the advice, professionalism and services from Barton Legal.

The services provided include hours of drafting a Defence and help with the witness statement, looking at evidence and giving a thorough explanation of the outcome of the hearing with the Judge.

I would definitely use Barton Legal again and would highly recommend them for all building contractual services.

My experience has been a positive and enjoyable one, and I have been treated very well.'

Richard Lambert, Zion Building Solutions Ltd


'In my capacity as CFO for Brenntag UK Limited, the Head of Legal and I have utilised the services of Barton Legal for more than a decade for a multitude of different legal matters, ranging from disputes to construction advice as well as the more “routine” property transactions. 

We return to Barton Legal time and time again as their customer service is exceptionally high, with the team providing practical advice which is always solution orientated. 

We are very happy to have them on our Professional Advisor panel.'

Martin Gratton, Vice President Finance UK, Ireland & Multisol


'You have all been very helpful and I am glad that the project has been successful to date.  The roof is half complete and is looking really good.'

Angus Ponsford, Ponsford Ltd (Warehousing)


'Many thanks for your hard work and patience helping me and St James Community Partnership through the process for obtaining a lease for the community hall. We have been striving for this for quite some time and with your help there is light at the end of the tunnel. It has been learning curve for all of us and we can hopefully look forward knowing that the hall is secure for the community for the next 15 years.

Once again a huge thank you'

Barbara Matley, St James' Community Partnership 


'I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I have valued the services of Barton Legal and especially your advice and help so far.

As you can appreciate my dealings with the other side and all the damage that has been caused has been hugely stressful, it has been such a relief in having your support and expertise to enable me to get through this.

Thank you, Harry.'

Ms. Brady


'I can highly recommend Barton Legal; Bill and his team are experts in their field; they have great communication skills providing concise and regular updates.

Through our work with them, I have been able to trust their judgment in the best way to move forward. Their analytical and problem-solving skills have been essential to our case, and they have been very understanding of the impact felt within our educational setting from the issues we have experienced.

Thank you Bill and Haiqa for all of your work so far.'

Tina Dunderdale, Gorse Academies


'I needed help regarding a lease and completion of same. I approached Barton Legal for guidance on this matter. Trish Barton was both efficient and professional, and provided some excellent advice. Trish is an expert in her field and came highly recommended.

Barton Legal’s knowledge is extensive and they put things in plain English so that it can be understood without using legal jargon. This was vital to me and something other lawyers don’t always do.

After using Barton Legal’s services I can highly recommend them to my friends and business colleagues who need good, specialist help that they won’t get from the ordinary Lawyers out there as they don’t have Bill and Trish’s expertise. They really are experts in their field.'

Mary Taylor, Walsh Taylor


'Thanks for all your input recently. As always your advice on both a strategic and legal level has been fantastic and helped us get the result we needed.

I will set up a meeting when I get back so we can discuss a way forward as there is still a way to go and a map needed but clearly the recent approach has demonstrated that when we make threats they are real and genuine which we can and will follow up on.

The advice as always has been fantastic.

Thanks again.'

Tom Sewell, Stepnell Limited


'I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and the work you did for me on the purchase of my new premises in Yeadon.

What I originally thought was going to be a simple purchase turned out to be a very complicated and lengthy process. Trish offered me good advice, has an excellent knowledge in her field and was very easy to deal with. Her willingness to go the extra mile is commendable.

I would not hesitate to recommend Barton Legal to both small and large companies alike.'

Shelley Johnson, SJK Private Hire


'We recently requested the services of Barton Legal to carry out the legal aspects of moving our business premises.

After an initial chat with Trish, it became obvious using Barton Legal for our Conveyancing needs was the obvious choice.  Punctuality is of essence in our business and we also like to work with partners who share the same attitude.  Trish and her team were always on time with regards to updates as to what was going on, very thorough with all documentation with regards to access and rights of way etc. and relayed the information to us, which was easy enough for us to follow.

I am delighted with the work Barton Legal have carried out for us.  Your knowledge and work ethic, has impressed us immensely and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends, family and anyone else who should require your services.'

Brontel Limited


'Barton Legal Ltd, specialist construction lawyers, were recommended to act for a Lincolnshire Hospice who were undertaking a large development project.  The Hospice is a charitable organisation who did not have the necessary skills in house to ensure governance surrounding legislation around such a build.

There are not many lawyers specialising in construction industry legalities and the Hospice were very satisfied with the way Bill Barton dealt with the project.   At all times a personal, prompt and efficient service was delivered and we found him to be reasonable, fair and flexible on charging, another positive when working for a charity relying entirely on public donations. 

We would have no hesitation in recommending his services to other organisations.'

Lincolnshire Charitable Hospice


'I thought I’d take a few minutes to write in order to provide you and your team with some feedback as to the services that we have received and I have to say, it gives me great pleasure to write a letter such as this.

I won’t go into the specifics of the ongoing matters, as we know what these are; suffice it to say, we have and are continuing to receive excellent service from you and the team at Barton Legal.

Bill, I must say that your guidance, planning and strategic, tactical thinking has been excellent and the results we now see, have placed us in a strong, favourable position and having had control of the timetable.  We had a few ideas and you have listened, examined, tested us and helped advance our ideas, develop strategies, controlled the risks and advised on the various options by projecting the possible outcomes.

Above all, whilst we have all been busy and working hard on difficult, challenging contentious matters, we have also found the time to get on well with each other.  What started as a formal relationship with lawyers and client, has become a friendship and I’ve enjoyed our late night discussions, whereby, we’ve explored the various options.

At the risk of making this a long submission, can I say on behalf of the board and staff at Lanes Group Plc, many thanks indeed for all your hard work, continuing effort, introduction to expert(s) and careful and considerate selection of appropriate Counsel.

You have helped us enormously and I extend an invitation to you, that if we can help you in return, you only need to ask.  Would you please circulate this letter to all, as our recommendation for Barton Legal goes unreserved.'

Scott Norris, Lanes Group Plc


'At PDM we improve our client’s processing and storage of business documents.

We have built a solid reputation over more than twenty years and therefore when we recommend other organisations they must maintain our reputation and preferably enhance it.

When we were asked by Martin Fuller of Water Heating Services Limited to recommend a law firm to undertake the legal work relating to the purchasing of commercial premises we recommended Barton Legal.

Martin has thanked me for the introduction.  He was impressed that everything was explained to him in a manner he could easily understand rather than being clouded in legal jargon.  Any issues that arose were brought to his attention, and dealt with promptly.  The matter had progressed within very tight deadlines.

I would not hesitate to recommend Barton Legal to friends, colleagues and business associates.'

Thirks Limited – Professional Document Management


'Our client portfolio includes many property developers and from time to time we need to be able to provide them with specialist construction law advice in what can often be high value construction contracts/development agreements.

The beauty of our arrangement with Barton Legal is that we can outsource the construction law issues to them safe in the knowledge that the client will be in safe hands and that we will continue to be fully involved in the client matter.  It is like referring a client to an in-house department.

Bill Barton and his team are able to provide a prompt and efficient service at a reasonable price and importantly on flexible billing terms.  We are particularly impressed that Bill is not only interested in the short-term but is keen on building longer term relationships. 

It is essential when referring work to other solicitors that those solicitors provide a standard of client service that is at least as good as the service we pride ourselves on providing to our clients.   We are extremely pleased with the quality of advice and service we receive from Bill's team.  In particular, his work on construction law aspects of our high profile office move been invaluable.'

Wilkin Chapman LLP, Lincolnshire


'Barton Legal is small but perfectly formed.  Their team delivers a highly focused and niche service to those in the Property and Construction Industry.   Client service is at the top of their agenda – they make it very personal and tailor it to the individual just as much as to the client organisation.'

Thirty Nine Essex Street (Chambers)


'We are a company in Johannesburg, South Africa namely, Secure Banking Technology who required the services of a legal firm in the UK and were referred to Barton Legal by a UK company that we do business with.

We subsequently enlisted their services and found them to be efficient and proactive,  giving us sound commercial advice, telephonically and in writing.

Their assistance and advice meant that we were able to hand things over  to their competent professionalism.

A professionalism that was as impressive to our patent attorneys,  McCallum Rademeyer & Freimond , who liaised with them on our behalf, as it was to ourselves.

We would have no hesitation in referring Barton Legal to any other company who may seek their  services in the future and would be happy to instruct them again should the occasion arise, having developed a personal relationship that would enable us to call upon them at any time in the future.

Thus we can reiterate that we have no hesitation in referring them  to other companies and would be happy to do so telephonically if necessary.'

Secure Banking Technology, South Africa


'We would like to represent that Barton Legal and specifically Bill Barton have assisted our company in several of our projects and our subsidiaries. Our company was born form decennial experience of our shareholders and managers in the biomass electricity production and has since 2006 developed a network of biomass production.

Bill Barton and its associates have assisted us repeatedly with our now disposed project in Wales, Prenergy, as well with other legal issues through its personal knowledge as well as through its thorough and professional network of colleagues and business friends

We will most certainly refer to him and its cabinet for future legal issues.'

Global Wood Holding SA, Switzerland


'Barton Legal were introduced to us by the internal legal counsel of an important Italian group based in Milan, Italy.

The issue we were facing at that time was in connection with a potential unauthorised "management  buy-out" of a UK subsiduary.

Regardless the period of vacation and a short time notice, Bill joined us in London and completed the job with high professionalism. He demonstrated to be not only competent in his job but calm and patient too.

Last but not least....Barton Legal is fair in charging fees too.

We had further additional opportunities to work together and do business especially in the renewable energy sources, but not only on that field.

Later I had the opportunity to recommend them to Companies that I deal with and I will continue to do so.'

Pianimpianti, Milan, Italy


'We were very impressed with Barton Legal knowledge, professionalism and the handling of our expectations.

On each occasion Bill Barton and his team demonstrated to have a detailed knowledge of the legal issues involved. Their pragmatic and commercial approach enabled us to find solutions in complex matters. Their flexibility and a competitive fee structure were also a plus.

When we asked to explore new business opportunities, Bill Barton made available to us his impressive business network, which included some very senior executives in UK, Europe and Africa, enabling us to connect at senior level with institutional organisations and multinational companies.

We would not hesitate to recommend Burton Legal as legal advisers.''

New Central International


'We have worked with Barton Legal for a number of years on our projects in Italy and when choosing a lawyer for our bio-ethanol project in Tunisia we did not hesitate to instruct them because we know that their service is far more commercial and proactive than other law firms.


Their knowledge of energy projects also means they have been able to introduce relevant consultants to us and they are brilliant at helping us to balance the needs and demands of all the different parties to the project.


We have also not hesitated to introduce them to other companies we know as they will not let us down.'

I. C. L. Tunisie