Big Night In Together


Our founder William Barton is director of Breast Cancer Haven in Yorkshire, which provides crucial support to anyone affected by breast cancer, and we are proud to support this fantastic charity.


On Friday 21st August, @Breast Cancer Haven will be hosting its inaugural Big Night In Together, an evening of dinner, virtual entertainment and dancing. Proceeds from tickets will go towards making services, which range from counselling for cancer patients and their loved ones to therapies that help patients deal with the physical side effects of treatment, as accessible as possible. We are also raising much-needed funds for a mobile centre that will visit towns and villages, so that those in need can access help wherever they may live.


The support Breast Cancer Haven provides has always been vital, but there is growing concern that Covid-19 is causing a crisis in cancer care that could mean thousands have to go through diagnosis or treatment lonely and unassisted. We know that, now more than ever, you are being asked to support numerous worthy causes, but if you are able to purchase a ticket and join the Big Night In Together, we would be incredibly grateful.


Our aim is to sell 500 tickets, and we would love if you could read more about the event here:; if you’d like to find out about other ways to support this incredible charity, please find the various ways you can do so here:


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