April 2021 International 

Webinar Recap: UK and European Leaders in Construction Law

March 2021 Events

Up and Coming Events Round Up

February 2021 National

Webinar Recap: Adjudication and Dispute Boards with Ann Russo and Giorgiana Tecuci of DRBF
Landlords, Tenants and Rent Arrears
UK Port Infrastructure by David Tressider (Associate Director, Beckett Rankine)
The End of LIBOR? By Sean Gibbs (CEO, Hanscomb International)

January 2021 International

Webinar Recap: An Audience with William Howard (FIDIC President) and Claudia Solomon (Incoming President of the ICC international Court of Arbitration)
Bill Barton calls for virtual trials to stay
The Business Case for Dispute Boards by Ann Russo (Director, Dispute Resolution Board Foundation USA)
The Project Defender - Construction Supervision Consultants by Martina Hess (Director, CES Consulting Engineers Salzgitter)

December 2020 Events

Up and Coming Events Round Up

November 2020 National 

NEC 4- To C or Not to C Webinar Handout
Put in writing! By Carys Rowlands (Head of Professional Standards, RIBA)
How to help an Expert? By David Palentine (Quantum Expert, Diales)

October 2020 International

Which law governs an International Arbitration Agreement? By Abdullah Akpinar (PCM Project Controls and Services, Turkey)
Around the World in Architecture by Caroline Richards (UK Head of Architecture at PM Group)

September 2020 General 

Webinar Recap: Payments- Contracts and Cases with Adrian Cole (King & Spalding), Nicholas Dennys QC (Atkin Chambers) and Bill Barton (Barton Legal)
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August 2020 General 

Webinar Recap: 20 Construction & Engineering Questions- From Mauritius to Malaysia from Force Majure to FIDIC
Specialism Spotlight
Case Review
Support & Success

July 2020 General 

Firm News
Choose Your Options Wisely: Top 10 Tips for NEC
Bresco v Lonsdale – The Supreme Court delivers the final decision

June 2020 General 

Update on Webinars
Carter Jonas
Break clauses: both sides of the story
Adjudication - common questions
MW High Tech Projects Limited v Balfour Beatty Kilpatrick Limited [2020] EWHC 1413 (TCC)

May 2020 General 

Settlement reached in the first ever English TCC trial
conducted through Zoom
Remote Trials – Your time has come
Leases during Lockdown – the Sudden Appeal of Turnover Rents
Did you hear the one about a council, a leaking pipe and a Zoom trial? By David Daly (Director, Novus Resolve)