MBL Seminars with Bill Barton

Bill Barton will be giving a series of seminars and webinars giving a detailed insight into some of the construction documents he has extensive experience in drafting.   

A brief summary of the seminars and webinars are listed below.  For more information and to book your place please click on the links below.

1. An Introduction to the FIDIC Suite of Standard Forms – 1 hour Webinar

This webinar will provide an introduction to the FIDIC suite of standard forms of construction contracts and will review the different contracts and which one to use; the parties to the contract and the defined terms and primary clauses to look for.

2. Non Disclosure Agreements - The Essentials in 1 hour - Webinar

What are they and why do you need one?

This webinar will examine the different forms and the main clauses and why they will vary depending on who is drafting and who or what it is protecting.

Duration and enforceability will be covered, as well as the language used and some different 'standard' formats.

3. Construction Documents & Development Projects - An Introductory Guide for Real Estate Lawyers – half day course

This course will consider the main construction documents in development projects when you are acting for the developer, tenants or funders.

It will be based on a standard development project procured on a design and build basis.

4. JCT Design & Build Contract - Negotiating & Drafting Employer Amendments – half day course

This course will deal with the negotiation and drafting of amendments to the JCT Design and Build Contract when acting for the Employer.

It will consider the likely objections and responses from tenants, funders and the contractor and will review the balance of risk. Note: Delegates will find it useful if they bring their own copy of the JCT Design and Build Contract (2011 or 2016 edition) to the workshop, as this will not be included in the hand-out materials.

5. JCT Contracts 2016 - A Summary of the Key Changes - 30 minute Webinar

This webinar will keep you up to date with the key changes to some of the JCT contracts introduced in the December 2016 amendments. The contracts are the essential standard forms used in building projects and those affected by these changes are:

  1. Design and Build Contract
  2. Minor Works Building Contract
  3. Short Form Sub-Contracts
  4. Standard Building Contract