Going Bald for Cancer - September 2018

Bill has again shaved off his hair in support of his sister, who had been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. Bill undertook the initial head shave last year when she was first diagnosed but unfortunately, his sister has now been diagnosed with secondary cancer.  To show his further support and to raise money for Breast Cancer Haven he shaved off his hair again, on 6th September. 

Bill wants to help raise awareness of the challenges people with secondary breast cancer face and at the same time raise money for Leeds Breast Cancer Haven.  Last year he raised £6,300 and this time he hopes to raise a modest £3,000. That will pay for just three people to be supported by BCH.

Please donate as much as you can and remember that whilst you may not have a sister you must have a mother, aunt, cousin, colleague or friend who could benefit from the amazing work done at The Haven.

To make a donation please click here