What we are doing to make the office safe

We want to let you know what we have put in place as a response to the social distancing and health and hygiene guidelines as staff and clients return to our office following the Coronavirus pandemic:

  • Hand sanitiser is available in multiple locations and both staff and visitors are advised to make regular use of it.
  • Pens, pencils and other objects will not be shared between staff and we have removed all pens from communal areas and from the meeting room; we request that clients and visitors bring their own pens, but we have a supply of new pens if required.
  • The furniture and telephone in our meeting room will be thoroughly wiped down before and after client meetings.
  • Photocopier and printers are thoroughly wiped down on a regular basis.
  • Staff breaks and lunch times are staggered to enable staff to adhere to social distancing.
  • All objects and surfaces that are touched regularly, such as door handles, handrails and any shared appliances are cleaned frequently as required.
  • Where possible client meetings are conducted remotely.
  • Where visits are required, the number of visitors at any one time is strictly limited and by appointment only.
  • All visitors are requested to clean their hands with the hand sanitiser provided, both on arrival and before leaving.