IBA Conference

IBA Annual Conference 2022: Miami, 30th October – 4th November 2022

Bill Barton, our Director of Construction and Engineering, will be attending the IBA’s annual conference in Miami.

Following an invitation from the International Construction Projects Committee, Bill will also be moderating a session entitled A new era of collaboration? The rise of multi-party and alliancing contracting on Monday 31st October at 14:30. 

A new era of collaboration?

Collaboration is often discussed in the construction industry but is sadly rarely employed. However, there has been a marked increase in the popularity of non-traditional forms of contracting – framework agreements, multi-party contracts and alliancing contracting - which are progressing industry towards increased collaboration.

As reports of rising material costs, supply chain issues and labour shortages in the UK cause distress within the construction industry, Bill will be moderating a session that will discuss the importance of cross-industry collaboration. In our current economic uncertainty, collaboration can act to ensure the financial burden of these circumstances is shared amongst the parties to a construction contract and not forced onto the shoulders of a single party.

This session will explore whether we are entering a new era of collaborative working in the infrastructure, construction and engineering sector and the models being developed to support this.

About the IBA Conference

The International Bar Association (IBA) Annual Conference is the world’s largest and most prestigious international gathering of lawyers where legal professionals worldwide meet, share knowledge, and develop business. It also serves to advance the development of law, develop its role in business and society and to learn from the experience of others.

It now attracts around 6,000 individuals representing over 2,700 law firms and corporations from over 130 jurisdictions. This unique mix of viewpoints provides a rich environment for discussion, debate and learning as well as the opportunity to develop lasting business relationships and lifelong friendships.

Let's Connect

From our recent international work for companies in Pakistan and the Maldives, it’s clear that England continues to be the destination for international arbitration, yet without English legal support these companies are leading themselves into hot water. Bill will be in Miami for the duration of the conference and is keen to meet with legal professionals to discuss how Barton Legal can support as you navigate disputes within the English legal system.

Bill is also happy to support in any networking endeavours with introductions to our vast number of consultants and third parties within construction that could be helpful to you. Do get in touch with Bill via the below email address if you’re interested in hearing more about this session or further work that you are keen to collaborate on.

Contact: billbarton@bartonlegal.com