Virtual Trials & Remote Hearings

Our Experience
In 2020 Barton Legal successfully led the first entirely remote virtual trial in the Business and Property Courts (formerly Technology and Construction Court). Evidence was shared efficiently, multiple witnesses and nine experts were forensically cross examined, and a settlement was reached in just five days. The proceedings were safely opened to a viewing public and press that numbered over 50 on each day, and persistent questions around cybersecurity were answered. Our carefully planned case thus provided the blueprint for future virtual cases, even after the pandemic has retreated.

Bill is a regular contributor to a range of industry journals especially in relation to experience with virtual trials. Recently published article have been featured in journals such as Construction News, PCB Today and New Civil Engineer.  A list of examples of articles are as follows: 
Peters & Peters – Patel Trial
“Barton Legal did more than just do their best, they joined a team and adapted it to get the best out of everyone. What must not be overlooked is that the size of the law firm is not proportionate to their effectiveness, but requires leadership and management which is provided in heaps at Barton Legal!”