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International Disputes

It is a fact that the majority of international contracts are either drafted in English or are reliant on English forms of dispute resolution, whether through English Court or by providing that the seat of the arbitration shall be in England.

We are well versed in all forms of dispute resolution in England but more importantly we have the flexibility of approach and experience to be able to handle dispute in England even though it may have arisen thousands of miles away.

However it is increasingly common for international projects to be written in English and be subject to English Law.

International projects require the assistance of an English Law firm in terms of the administration of the claim, advising on English Law and working with you.

We have the highest level of information technology, access to dozens of experts also with international experience, we can work with your own lawyers rather than against them. We can organise and deploy staff to your office or site location, wherever it is in the world and manage substantial amounts of documentation and large numbers of witnesses.

Because we are a niche practice we can provide advice to local law firms or accountants, whether that is ultimately delivered direct to their client or re-badged and delivered directly by them to their client.

What we bring is experience, expertise, the ability to handle complex matters on technical and legally demanding disputes, but still deliver that on a commercial basis and with our personal attention to detail.

If a dispute should arise then call us and we come and see you, and help you to work out the appropriate response and approach, taking into account the designated legal forum, time, costs and the other resources available to you.

Barton Legal seeks to establish long term relationships with foreign law firms and companies to work with them and with their clients. Unlike large international practices we do not seek to dominate or take over - collaboration is key.