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Bespoke Contracts

We have drafted many international contracts.

Such as for wind farms, the installation of solar panels, call off contracts, off shore oil mooring buoys,  and we have litigated on off shore platforms, international supply contracts and others.

An international contract has to take account of the location of the works, the intended jurisdiction as to disputes, payments, technical approvals and operation and administration of the contract itself.

We work with you to fully understand your needs and requirements and those of your customer/client or partner, to put into a contractual form the intentions of the parties, whilst ensuring all the parties fully understand and appreciate their respective obligations and roles under the contract.

A contract has to work and to be understood. It must properly details risks, the allocation of risks and costs, the impact of time and clearly define who does what, when and how.

We translate your needs into the contract and will help you to make it work for you.