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The increasing drive towards alternative energy sources means companies are looking for more diverse ways of not only reducing their emissions and energy costs but also at alternative income streams.

We act on behalf of suppliers to the Biomass and Solar industry and understand the supply chain process, the specific nature of different fuel types and the constraints on construction of such projects.

The East London Waste Energy project was a £750M joint venture and one of the first pfi schemes in the UK to combine local waste collection and a new build biomass plant. Our experience from that project of handling not only the professional appointments but also the take over and acceptance criteria is applicable to all similar projects in this sector.

We have since advised a large regional housing association on the roll out of solar panels across their housing stock and the associated long term maintenance agreement.

Solar Farms do not have to be on the ground and there are an increasing number of companies putting substantial areas of roof space to such use.

Working with engineers on technical contracts enables us to translate complex engineering requirements and obligations into applicable and enforceable wording in contracts, which maximise availability and output criteria whilst being understood by those implementing the actual works.

Our knowledge of standard forms and our ability to draft and negotiate bespoke contracts means we can provide the exact service you require for your project, wherever it is in the world, and in accordance with your time, cost and risk parameters.

Barton Legal also have access to substantial funders who can help to make your project a reality.