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Project Management

At Barton Legal, we have all the resources to provide a smooth, efficient procurement process. Our expertise can significantly reduce disputes and misunderstandings, ensuring you maintain great relationships with your clients.

Our wealth of detailed knowledge brings added value to your work by offering more effective negotiation and drafting of your documentation. An increased understanding of contractual terms and the roles and responsibilities of all parties assures a much smoother transition. That is why we place great emphasis in the early stages of the contract on understanding and preparing thoroughly, in order to avoid costly disputes later.

However, to offer fully informed advice, we really need to understand your requirements. To do this we like to learn all we can about you and your business. We will visit your site, where you can brief us on technical issues and potential problem areas so we can anticipate forthcoming issues, whether it is from a legal perspective or from commercial experience.

All this preparation helps us work with you and your team to reduce delays and unexpected costs, to minimise disputes and help you maintain valuable, successful business.