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Procurement Planning & Management

This relates to the appointment of your professional team and your ability to control how any project is to be delivered for you or on your behalf. The emphasis here is on proactive planning and control, to think ahead and identify risks and eliminate then as far as possible. It can be summarised as being;

  • Intended to protect both parties
  • Clear provisions setting out duty of care and liabilities and obligations
  • Scope of works to be identified and defined by discussion and agreement
  • May be a standard form or bespoke appointments and contracts
  • Consideration of relevant liability periods, ie is it to be executed as a deed or not?
  • Consideration of the different role you require any consultant to perform under for example the ECC form and the importance of the consultant managing the contractor notification provisions under clause 61
  • Do you need to consider and to reflect different roles carried out by multiple consultants, with one appointed lead consultant
  • different contracts may place a greater emphasis on partnering arrangements so does your appointment provide for this
  • Are the appointments to be standardised for use by a regular professional team
  • Will the appointments require significant negotiation and drafting before they will be acceptable to all parties and funders?
  • Do you need the project documentation to take account of the possible changes in emphasis in any project as between the consultants and between a higher technical specification and works content
  • Are there earlier appointments which impact on the works and consideration should be given to their novation

We have standard forms available for

· Architects

· Engineers

· Quantity surveyors

· Mechanical and electrical engineers

· Civil and structural engineers

· Project managers

· CDM co-ordinator

We also have standard scopes of work which can form the basis of discussions with your consultants.