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Management of Professional Team

What has this to do with a lawyer? If your project/contract is to be successful then everyone involved in providing the information and documentation required, and for it to be drafted and put into operation, has to understand its intended use and purpose.

It may be the need to take technical requirements and obligations from an engineer to draft the take- over procedures, or working with in house project managers to understand how the monitoring process will have to work in practice. It can be working with the finance director to ensure budgetary requirements are met.

Whatever the end product and intention of the Contract, it is necessary to ensure each consultant understands their role, how they inter-act and will affect others,  and the relevance of time and costs.

The greater the harmony between all the individual parts of the Professional team the more effective, applicable, understandable and enforceable your contract will be.

Years of experience in working on different projects with different companies, in different countries for different products and outcomes have helped us understand how to manage large and complex professional teams and to produce complex contracts which are still commercial, useable and effective.

Our extension network of contacts can also help you to find and engage specialist consultants to fit your bespoke requirements, whether based on time, costs or technical expertise.