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Due Diligence

What does the document actually say? What is the real effect of the wording and/or documents? Are the documents  enforceable, legitimate, applicable and appropriate?  Are all the documents there? What documents are missing or required? What do the documents not say or refer to?

Is what you are intending to do or buy or engage in covered by the documents? What about the property aspects – do you understand them? Do you know what to ask, when and of whom?

Who do you need to unravel a technical document? What additional questions or comfort should be sought by you?

How do the documents relate to and impact on time, costs, risks, enforceability, bankability and insurance?

Due diligence is understanding which question to ask and when and who to ask and how. It is about applying experience of similar deals and / or documents to know what is right and what is wrong.

It is understanding what your requirements and intentions are.

It is about the interrogation of documents to answer not only the questions you have but also the questions you do not have or have not yet thought of.

Technical know how, experience, commercial awareness and our relationship with you ensure we can undertake due diligence or help you prepare for such a process, effectively and successfully.