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Advice on Contract Form

Do you need amendments to a Standard Form Contract or the drafting of a Bespoke Contract?

Do you need amendments to your contract?

Do you fully understand what it currently covers and what it does not?
What do you want your amendments to achieve what a standard form does not?

Will the amendments alter the balance of risk and reward such that justifies the extent of negotiation and drafting involved?

How bespoke do your amendments need to be to the project and to the base contract?

Does your work actually fall somewhere in between a number of standard forms and therefore warrant the drafting of a wholly bespoke contract that will then be capable of use without repeated amendment?

We have experience of negotiating, drafting, amending many standard forms and many that are non standard, such as:

  • EEC
  • Orgalime
  • ICE 5th and 6
  • Ichem E
  • Fidic

Other standard forms on which we can advise include;

  • GC/Works
  • PPC2000 – a single project, project partnering contract
  • TPC2005 – a standard form term partnering contract for procurement of term works and services

We can also draft and negotiate other varieties of bespoke contracts to domestic and international funding standards.