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International Arbitration

An international dispute may involve parties from the same country with a project in a third country, or a situation where the project and only one of the parties have commonality.

It may be that all elements are based in a different country.

However it is increasingly common for international projects to be written in English and be subject to English Law.

International projects require the assistance of an English Law firm in terms of the administration of the claim, advising on English Law and working with you. 

An international arbitration may have the seat of the arbitration in any number of locations. Thus the location of any hearing may be pre-determined but the legal work can still be carried out in England and relay on English consultants and counsel.

We can help you identify and instruct the right people for any specific aspect of your case or for overall administration of the dispute.

Our detailed knowledge and understanding of the Arbitration Act and of Dispute Resolution Boards means we bring experience, technical expertise, commercial sense and as required,  third party experts and consultants, to assist in the running and or administration of such claims.

Barton Legal seeks to establish long term relationships with foreign law firms and companies to work with them and with their clients.  Unlike large international practices we do not seek to dominate or take over - collaboration is key.