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This is a specialist form of dispute resolution for construction contracts. Barton Legal have vast experience of both running claims (Referring Party) and defending claims (Responding Party).

We also regularly provide advice on legal aspects to adjudicators, so understand their approach and requirements.

The Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 was replaced as from 1 October 2011 by the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 (the "LDEDC Act 2009")

We understand the way in which the payment dates are calculated, what notices to serve or should have been served and when. We can advise on how to draft a notice of adjudication and the jurisdictional challenges to bring if such a notice is served on you.

We can make sure that if you need expert assistance from a quantity surveyor, architect or engineer we can instruct the right person, based on experience, technical knowledge and appropriate to the size and nature of the claim.

Enforcement proceedings require a detailed knowledge and understanding of the process, the way in which to make the application and what information and documentation will be relevant to the Court. We have enforced adjudicators’ decisions and acted for clients in defending and avoiding enforcement proceedings.

Barton Legal acted in the leading case of Pioneer Cladding Ltd v John Graham Construction Ltd on resistance of enforcement and can advise and assist parties from pay otherwise due in accordance with an adjudicator's decision.

Barton Legal can also draft contractural notices, whether required by specific standard forms or simple Payment and Pay Less notices.  Our expertise provides security and certainty.

Adjudication is intended as an interim measure but the consequences can be far reaching and last a long time – it is important to get the best advice and have the best team working for you.

Adjudications may result in forms of interlocutory relief and applications and having worked on the leading case of Lanes Group Plc v Galliford Try Infrastructure Ltd we have the knowledge, experience and team to help you.

Adjudications are quick, demanding and technical.  Barton Legal bring a winning team of counsel and experts to ensure you get the best result.

At Barton Legal we have all the skills and experience necessary to guide you successfully through the process.