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Barton Legal is a niche construction practice advising on all aspects of construction and engineering, whether contentious or non-contentious and whether in relation to projects in the UK, Europe or further afield.

Specialist Construction Solicitors

Barton Legal specialises in all aspects of construction and engineering projects, both contentious and non-contentious. We regularly work for companies and law firms, nationally and internationally as their in-house construction team, either where they do not have a construction team, or where their workload necessitates external assistance.

Are you a developer, contractor or sub-contractor?

Barton Legal have vast experience of working for a variety of clients on a range of construction projects.  This includes small regional contractors, national developers and multi-national building contractors with operations across the globe (including South Africa, Italy, Ghana, Korea and Greece).  The types of projects Barton Legal have helped on include design and build, biomass, wind farms, pharmaceutical, hotels, pipelines, new office build, private hospitals, schools, factories and railways.

We will ensure your contract does what you want, what it needs to do to protect you and to ensure that the project completes on time and on budget.

Do you need someone to draft, review, negotiate or advise on the contract you are using, or about to use?

Barton Legal have massive expertise in providing contract advice, drafting and negotiation, as well as advising clients on their obligations under a contract, and providing either due diligence reports or the necessary amendments to their contract.  We have worked on JCT, NEC, FIDIC and IChemE standard form contracts and various other bespoke contracts.  We also draft a wide variety of commercial contracts/documents including terms & conditions, sale & purchase agreements, service agreements, exclusivity agreements, supply agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

We appreciate you may not be able to negotiate terms and conditions and/or change liabilities and obligations, but we can tell you what they mean and the action you should or should not be taking and when.

If you know what you want then we can draft it. If you have a complex legal document that you don’t really understand then we can tell you what it means in plain English.

Are you part of a dispute which has arisen on the project?

Barton Legal are highly experienced in various forms of dispute resolution and dispute avoidance which can be used in relation to a construction project.  This includes litigation, adjudication, arbitration (domestic and international) as well as other forms of dispute resolution, such as alternative dispute resolution and dispute avoidance boards.

Are you a Contract Administrator/Employer’s Agent/Contractor who needs advice on how to issue a pay less notice or other form of contractual notice?

Barton Legal take a collaborative approach with clients, including discussing with them the potential options when handling a matter which is based on what the contract actually says, whilst balancing commercial considerations. 

Barton Legal understand the provisions which affect how a contract is administered for a variety of contracts and can provide clarity about how to manage the contract.  This includes drafting notices, and when to send them, what other information may or may not be required and advising as to the other obligations and action points from the contract terms and conditions.

We will tell you want you do and don’t need to do, and when and how.

Are you a contractor or sub-contractor who has had a pay less notice issued against their payment valuation?

Barton Legal are able to review a pay less notice received by a party and determine if it has been served in a valid manner and if the details it sets out are contractually compliant.  The pay less notice may be invalid for a variety of reasons and you need to know sooner rather than later.

Do you believe a dispute has arisen on your contract which entitles you to claim against the other party?

Barton Legal has the knowledge to discuss a potential claim, its merits and what should or should not be done.  We will clarify what claim you may, or may not, have and the likelihood your claim will be successful.

Barton Legal has the expertise to understand what other factors may be at play when you are claiming against another party. We know how to prepare claims and the extent of evidence needed, as well as witness statements and other supporting information.

In short, Barton Legal have the expertise to deal with any matter which may arise that relates to a construction project.